BCN Started with an initial investment from a Federal Government funding program, BCN has built a sustainable operation. All operations are paid for by the revenue that BCN generates as an Internet Service Provider. With limited further investment from funding programs, BCN has successfully grown its operations to be able to self-finance numerous projects of its own and even financing private companies to expand infrastructure.

BCN was a recipient of a BRAND funding project in the amount of 5.5 million dollars, which facilitated Internet services to some 28 First Nations, rural and remote communities (2006).

BCN was a recipient of a BCP funding project in the amount of 1.8 million dollars, which were used to improve network delivery to some 40 Manitoban communities and facilitate rollout to new service areas (2010).

BCN was awarded funding from AANDC to develop technical specifications to deploy fibre infrastructure to the Island Lake region (2012)

Ongoing participation in several important provincial and federal working groups; Northern Indigenous Community Satellite Network (2005), AFN National ICT Think-tank (2010), Manitoba Regional Telehealth Partnership Group (2008), Manitoba First Nations Technology Council (2011)

Ongoing service provider of broadband, technical and helpdesk services to several federal and provincial clients – on a daily basis, BCN is providing technical services and support to over 150 (health care, education, justice, and civic) facilities in Manitoba

BCN has developed effective relationships with vendors and other partners that aid in the rollout of technical projects.  Such technical projects have included tower construction, shelter construction, large scale computer distribution, video-conferencing deployments, connectivity solution deployment, and wired and wireless infrastructure deployment.