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PPPoE Transition

BCN is currently transitioning to PPPoE authentication for Home and Business customers. Click here for more information.

Installation Services

Once a customer has choosen and purchased a Subscriber Unit an appointment for installation will need to be scheduled: 

Installation Services starting at $150.00

Basic Installation fee of $150.00:

  • Covers the base installation fee, which includes our time, travel and basic materials to complete the installation.
  • The standard residential installation takes approximately 2 hours to complete. 
  • The installation team will test the service to ensure that the service is working in your home before they leave.

Advanced Installation Services (Quote Required)

Q - Why is my installation considered advanced?

A - To ensure that you receive the best home service available, the SU device must attain a certain signal level.  In some cases, tree coverage, geography, or elevation may negatively affect signal quality.  If any of these are the case, additional materials, or equipment may be required to perform the correct installation.


Q- Why was I not notified in advance that my installation would have complications? 

A - These issues often cannot be determined when the customer calls in for service, and can only be determined once a techncian arrives to install your Subsciber Unit.  


Q - I have been advised that I require a specialized installation, now what?

If this is the case, the BCN installer team will suggest an alternative installation method and provide an itemized quote.  If the homeowner agrees to these costs, the techncian will make the appropriate arrangments to complete the installation.  Sometimes this work could be completed immediately but in other cases it may require another visit.  If the customer decides not to proceed with the installation, they will be reimbursed in full for their payments made to BCN for the installation. 


Although this can be a frustrating process for a customer, BCN wants to ensure the best service quality for each and every customer.

Installation Services FAQ

See our list of Common Installation FAQ questions Here.

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