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New Communities

BCN is expanding its service area. New communities that will be coming online soon include: Hollow Water, Sapotewayak, Peguis, Fisher River, Birch River

Common Installation Questions

Q - When is payment required for hardware sales and home installations?

A - Before the installation is scheduled, the home installation charge and hardware device (CPE) must be paid in full.  


Q - Does the technician bring the CPE and installation kit?

A -Yes.


Q - Can I still install the BCN Internet service by myself?

A - No, by having a trained installer complete the installation BCN ensures that you receive the optimal signal to ensure the best performance possible.


Q - What do I need to know about my home installation?

A - An installer may have to mount the CPE device to your home roofline and run a cable into your home to connect your computer and/or network.   Therefore, the person at home during the entire installation should be the person who will be using the service and a resident of the home who is at least 18 years of age. This person must be able to authorize any drilling or wiring required for the installation.  If you rent your residence, you must make prior arrangements to receive approval from your landlord prior to our installation appointment.  


Q - Does BCN sell wireless routers so that I can have a home wireless network?

A - No. Not at this time, although this is something that BCN is currently investigating. 


Q - When will the installation be scheduled?

A - Once payment is received, BCN will make its best effort to install your service during our regular business hours Mon-Sat 8:30am-5:30pm.  Typically, home customers should not have to wait longer then one month for a home installation to be performed.  BCN requests that if an appointment is scheduled, that you ensure that you will be on-site to meet our installer.

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