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New Communities

BCN is expanding its service area. New communities that will be coming online soon include: Hollow Water, Sapotewayak, Peguis, Fisher River, Birch River

CISP Services

Every Community ISP may be structured differently and have seperate requirements, as such upon request a quote for services can be provided for the following services:


Dedicated Bandwith1: a data transport service that provides a quantifiable amount of network traffic (data) that is carried back and forth across BCN's network to the customer's demarcation point in a given time period.  This type of bandwidth is usually expressed in megabits per second (Mbps).  The demarcation point is determined on a case per case basis.


Gateway Service1:  A service that connects the customer's network to the public Internet through BCN's managed gateway.   

Co-Location Service2:  BCN will work with the CISP to allow for the attachment of devices to local towers and for access to space inside of BCN's point of presence.  Although there will be no monthly rental cost to attach to the tower, the CISP will be responsible to cover additional costs for such things as engineering, tower crews and/or power requirements. 


IP Assignment Service:  As a part of our service, BCN will provide a block of public IPs for each CISP free of use.  However, if more public IPs (static or dynamic) are requested, there will be additional charges.


E-mail Service:  As an additional option, BCN can provide email services to the clients of the CISPs.  The accounts are .35/email per month and are part of the Domain.  If a CISP wishes to  have their own domain this can also be arranged, but they will be responsible for the costs of registering a domain, activation of the email service, and a minimum monthly purchase of 250 user accounts.


Training and Support: An initial orientation will be provided free of charge for the community's technicians to train them on how to perform installations, activate customers and monitor the system. BCN telephone and e-mail Help Desk services are provided free of charge to community ISP technicians. Additional on-site support and/or phone support for an ISPs customers can be purchased from BCN on a case-by-case basis.


BCN Billing & Administration System: Currently in its pilot phase with CISPs, this system will give greater administrative power to the local ISP.  The system can be setup to automatically generate and send invoices, record payments, send reminders and issue disconnects.


SU Monitoring Portal: Currently in its pilot phase, this system will allow community ISP technicians to monitor subscriber bandwidth usage, signal strength, and connectivity status.


1Required for Community ISP Services
2This service must be approved in advance to ensure the structural integrity and safety of the tower is maintained.    Requests to access the tower for the purpose of installing or maintaining attachments or devices, must be made each trip to approve the work crews.

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