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PPPoE Transition

BCN is currently transitioning to PPPoE authentication for Home and Business customers. Click here for more information.

Community ISP Advantages

Access to a large team that works to support you.

BCN does not charge community ISPs for orientation and Help Desk services for community technicians.  BCN ensures that service at every community location is equally supported and enhanced for the best service possible.  Over the last several years, BCN has worked hard to establish redundant links, to upgrade equipment for additional functionality, and to improve its network configuration.  These improvements are provided free of charge to ensure that BCN is operating a state of the art network for the benefit of all communities.


BCN has a toll-free helpdesk that is available during business hours for local community ISPs to assist in troubleshooting any local issues.  BCN also provides an initial hands-on orientation for local community technicians free of charge. The community ISP never has to worry about repairs for tower infrastucture, this is something that BCN monitors and supports.


Enjoy bulk bandwidth purchasing power without contract hassles. 

BCN works with major telecommunications companies to negotiate bandwidth contracts for the provincial network.  Our strategy is to purchase bandwidth in bulk so that these savings can be passed on to community ISPs.  If BCN purchases 1000Mbps for the network, yet only charges 50Mbps to the local community ISP at the purchasing power of 1000Mbps, the community ISP saves.  If the local community ISP were to purchase 50Mbps on their own, they would pay more money to other vendors. 


BCN does not enforce contracts, and does not enforce monthly bandwidth usage caps like many other providers.


Benefit from BCN's Enterprise customers.

In order for BCN to offer near-cost wholesale bandwidth, we rely on Enterprise clients.  An Enterprise client is a customer who requires multiple connections in several communities and/or specialized network services.  These clients sign contracts with BCN directly and pay BCN directly.  BCN is a not-for-profit company and the revenues derived from these contracts are used to maintain staff, towers, equipment, schedule repairs, and continually reinvest in community infrastructure.  But most importantly, bandwidth revenues collected for a particular community are passed on to the local community ISP, which reduces their monthly bill with BCN.  It is important to note that BCN is not competing with the local ISPs for local retail sales.


Benefit from BCN's Monitoring and Business Tools.

BCN utilizes a host of monitoring tools and applications to monitor its network capacity, usage, and security.  By becoming an ISP and with the appropriate training, access may be granted to these systems to aid community ISPs in operation of their local community network.  Additionally, BCN is currently in the process of deploying an administration system which will aid ISPs with customer management and billing.  These systems are provided free of charge.


BCNs Board of Directors is composed of local Manitoba representatives from Tribal Councils, Northern Association of Community Councils (NACC), and independent communities.

BCN's Board is locally governed and represented.  If you have any questions, feedback or complaints they can be registered with your local representative who is elected to support and respond to the clients of BCN.

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