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PPPoE Transition

BCN is currently transitioning to PPPoE authentication for Home and Business customers. Click here for more information.

BCN Community ISP Model

BCN manages the provincial network which brings service to the local community tower.  The community purchases wholesale bandwidth from BCN and in turn resells the service to their local community.  The community ISP will act as a point of contact for local customers; selling and installing subscriber units and Internet packages.    


As an overview, here is how the relationship between BCN and the community ISP functions.


The community ISP will:

  • Sign customers up for service 
  • Dispatch a local techncian to install services for local customers
  • Bill and receive payments from local customers for the provided services
  • Provide tech support for local customers (troubleshooting connection issues)

 BCN will:

  • Maintain network and tower equipment (BCN supports all BCN marked equipment at the local community headend)
  • Dispatch repair crews when service is affected 
  • Maintain vendor contracts for broadband services
  • Where possible, pass on economies of scale savings to ISPs to keep costs affordable (by purchasing bandwidth for all areas of the province, BCN can bulk buy and pass the savings on to all community partners)
  • Monitor network configuration and security to protect customer data across the network
  • Provide technical and business support/training for the local community representative and technicians
  • Provide opportunities that develop/support local IT capacity within the community (employing local technicians to provide technical work for BCN, marketing service to regional customers which provide enhanced profits for the local community ISP, etc.)
  • Pass on profits to the local ISP where Enterprise bandwidth sales exist in the local community
  • Advocate on communities behalf for increased and improved connectivity infrastructure across the province

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