Did you know?

Fostering Community ISPs

BCN fosters the development of local community ISPs. which provide local Home and Business Internet services in the communities it serves.

Data Services

BCN is able to aggregate multiple customer end points under one unified service delivery, thereby reducing administration and simplifying management.  BCN’s help desk and customer service centre is able to work collaboratively with a customer’s help desk to manage incidences and network maintenance.  BCN's automated NMS system runs 24/7 to immediately notify of any service issues or interuptions.


BCN is pleased to work with your company to develop data services that meets your network requirments, call us today:

  • Data connectivity to interconnect your locations across the BCN network
  • Dedicated bandwidth and burstable options available
  • Symmetrical or asymmetrical service available
  • QoS availability
  • SLA agreements available for uptime (MTTR guarantees are also available)
  • Internet Gateway services available
  • Public IP address (static) available
  • VPLS services coming soon

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