Wholesale Bandwidth

To support economic development opportunities in the communities we serve, we provide backbone bandwidth to local ISPs at wholesale prices.

Customer Billing Support

Billing systems can be complex and expensive, especially for smaller, local ISPs. BCN can support your ISP through access to a robust billing system. This will automate many billing functions and give your ISP the ability to track and manage customer accounts.

Help Desk Support

BCN has a fully staffed help desk to support customers and track issues. Our services can help your ISP be more accessible and responsive to your customers.


Technical Support

In order to address the issue that some communities face in terms of lack of local technical resources, BCN is proud to offer these services to support your growing ISP.

Equipment + Supplies

To support your needs in running your local Internet business, we are registered distributors and resellers of all the products necessary to support your business.

Our online store is housed with our partner, Mahkesis Group Inc.


Through our Binesi Training & Operations Centre, BCN offers a wide range of training to help grow local technical resources. We are committed to supporting the success of your ISP.